Perle Systems


Perle Releases Wireless Serial Device Servers

04th June 2017
NASHVILLE, TN—August 11, 2015 —Perle Systems, a manufacturer of secure device networking hardware, today announced the launch of IOLAN SDS W Wireless Serial Device Servers The desire to transmit diverse data types over a wireless network is growing. Ho... Read >

8 out of the 10 largest Broadcasting Corporations use Perle Device Networking Hardware

06th February 2017
NASHVILLE, TN—July 28, 2015 —Broadcasting Corporations are faced with many challenges in the always-on world of today. Almost half of the world’s population has access to the internet. Consumers are demanding a more interactive and customised experience w... Read >

Memset Hosting select Perle Console Servers for OOBM in every Data Center Rack

10th January 2017
NASHVILLE, TN—February 18, 2015 —Perle Systems, a global manufacturer of advanced Serial to Ethernet and secure device networking solutions, reveals that Memset Hosting use Perle Console Servers for out-of-band management (OOBM) of servers, switches, rout... Read >